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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The birth of Ezaria Faith

Finally I am getting around to publishing Ezaria's birth story. I actually wrote it when she was a few days old but have needed to process it and find time to actually get in onto the computer!
The first part of her story is here and the second part is here

The birth of Ezaria Faith - Our 7th blessing, 2nd homebirth

I needed to write this amazing birth down before I forget the details and the emotions that go with it. So I write this with a sweet smelling, delicious four day old Ezaria in my arms.

I woke up at about 3am on Friday 23rd September with more contractions. I had been having them 10 minutes apart since midday the day before but they had stopped when I went to bed. I knew that this was going to be the day my baby would be born. Throughout the pregnancy I often joked that she would be born on my father's birthday even though it was 18 days after my estimated due date. I never really believed she would- but she was! I went to the toilet and hopped back into bed to try and get more sleep. The pains were coming 10 minutes apart but were painful enough that by 4am I had to get out of bed. I can not imagine labouring in bed- it's so painful! I gave in and came out into the lounge room. I'd always wanted to labour in the quiet of the night in my own house but never expected too, as I usually have quick day labours. I did the dishes and tidied the lounge room and kitchen. Ezekiel and Elijah woke up around 5:30am and I told them the baby would be coming today. At 5:50 I had a really strong contraction at the kitchen table which I had to breathe through and sway my hips and it broke my water. There wasn't a pop and a gush like the last time it was more just a slow leak. I went to the toilet and had a bloody show and more waters so I knew that this was really it! I called Sonja (my midwife) to let her know. I gave birth 3 hours after my water broke last time so I expected things to happen fast. I told Sonja not to come yet though and I would call her back. I called my Mum, who was only up the road and Donna who had to travel 2 hours with a new baby herself. I also called my cousin Leanne to come to help with all of the children.

Mum having some fun folding washing.

The contractions kept coming just as strong but still quite spaced apart. I really had no idea what was going on as this labour was so different to my others. I woke Jay up so he could start setting up the birth pool. I had told the boys they could have the day off school but realised I could not labour with all the kids in the house. I started getting them ready for school but changed my mind again and sent them up to my brothers house who happened to have the day off work. Donna arrived not long after they left. It felt like this labour was so slow. It was so different for me to not have back to back contractions, yet they were as strong as the ones I have towards the end of 1st stage. This continued throughout the morning. I walked lots, hung washing on the line, talked and laughed, ate a little and just really enjoyed being in labour. Having such long breaks in between meant I could do all of this. I realised that the hardest part of the contractions were breathing in. I remember telling everyone what I had discovered and how much better it was that I knew this. I felt so much more in control. When your breathing through a contraction it's easier to breathe out as your working with your body to push the baby down but when you breathe in your going against the natural rhthym. Mind you I didn't feel like this with the contractions during 2nd stage!

Breathing through the contractions

My gorgeous little Essence playing peek a boo behind the lounge cushions

Sonja messaged me at about 11am asking how it was all going. I knew it was still a while despite Mum saying to get her to come over so I told her it was all good. I still wasn't in 'labour land' and contractions were still spread out yet long and strong. Sometime before this Jay took Essence to bed with him for a sleep which only left Elizabella up. I remember her being there running around, playing but really not noticing her at all.

Elizabella happy to just be in the middle of it all!

I usually labour standing up but this time I stood up, kneeled over the lounge or knelt leaning against the bench or the birth pool as my legs were sore. I think it was around midday that I felt things change. Instantly I felt myself go into the zone and was not really aware anymore what was going on with anyone else, I also became really sleepy in between the contractions. I called Sonja not long after this. What was confusing though, was that I felt like I was in established labour but was still questioning it as my contractions werent getting closer together. I remember looking at the clock at almost 1pm and thinking that maybe she wouldn't even be born that day! I think Sonja arrived about this time. She checked bubba's heartrate and all was good. Mum and Leanne were trying to fill the pool but it was taking a while with the hose connections. I wasn't worried as I still thought I had ages to go.

having such long breaks meant I could rest in between

I love being in my own home doing whatever I felt like doing!

Essence and I watching the pool fill up

last cuddles with my baby girl before her little sister becomes the baby

With every contraction more fluid would come out. I remember thinking so much for worrying about having low fluid (because I went 18 days over). I certainly didn't.
The pool was filled and had a cover put over it to keep it warm. At 1:30 Mum asked me if I wanted to get the boys to come home. I was thinking no way I have ages to go! so I said no.When I walked down the hallway to the bathroom I always had huge contractions I think because I was down there alone. But they were still spaced apart!

concentrating as the conttactions start to really pick up

my little videorgrapher, Ethan (this is the 4th birth he has filmed!)

just before hoping into the pool

moments before getting into the water

I actually went and layed down on Elizabella's bed and rested or maybe even slept (another thing I have never done before in labour) , I got up with a huge very intense contraction. I think this is when transition started for me. I asked for the boys to come home and went and put on the singlet top that I wanted to birth in and headed back into the kitchen where the birth pool was set up. I had another couple of contractions where I could feel her coming right down and I could also tell in my voice that things were close. I looked over at the pool and remembered the pain from last time. I think I started to cry a bit and say I can't do this I really can't do this etc (as I do everytime I'm in transition) knowing that I had no choice but to do it. With my last birth I was so excited to get into the water but this time I saw the pool as being a place where all the pain would happen! For me 2nd staged is the hardest, I know some women find relief in pushing but I'm not one of them! I also asked for chewing gum at this point. Not quite sure why but Sonja had some in her car and ran and got me some. I had another contraction and thought ok I'd better just get into the pool or she is going to be born on the kitchen floor!

I hoped into the water and it was hot and soothing. I sat on my knees as last time I was on my bottom and wanted to have both hands free to pull her out of the water.

her head crowning

 After only a few minutes I felt her crown. I reached down (the first time out of all 7 births that I have actually touched the head as it was coming out) and felt her squishy head with a big gooey blob on top. It was amazing. I could hear Sonja encouraging me to pant so I copied her to try and avoid tearing. I felt like I was going to throw up and wondered how that would work while delivering a baby.

her head crowning

her head is completely out

I had a short break but kept my hands on her head and then with the next contraction

pulling her out of the water

I felt her shoulders pop out one at a time and her body. I grabbed under her arms and pulled her up to my chest. I could not believe she was born! I will never forget that feeling!

I opended my eyes and gazed at our 3rd daughter, our 7th blessing! She was covered in vernix all over her back and her tiny bottom. Not at all expected for 42weeks and 4 days. I know that if I am ever blessed enough to have another baby I will no longer worry about going 'over'. Her fingers were so long and so wrinkly. Her head had a lump on the top where she must have been sitting in my cervix. She, of course, was perfect. A head full of dark hair. I was instantly in love. Finally, after such a long pregnancy she was here.Welcomed into the world by her 4 brothers and 2 sisters who I hardly noticed they were so good! I was so happy.

Elizabella and Ewan taking it all in

Daddy getting to look at his new daughter (without the camera in his hand!)

gazing at each other

I can't even remember the other children all standing around as I was so focused on our new little one!

covered in vernix

Beautiful Ezaria Faith
born at 2:43pm

Ezekiel, taking more photos for us

Our amazing midwife Sonja

We sat in the pool like that for a while. I felt her cord pulsating. Nothing can ever compare to the emotions you feel after giving birth! The contractions started back up and I was pretty uncomfortable. I really wanted the placenta out. I tried pushing with the next contaction and pulling slightly on the cordf but it wasn't coming. I waited a bit longer but was so uncomfortable, the water was warm but I was boiling hot! Sonja kept getting me cold face washers and ended up hosing me down with the hose! She tried pulling on the cord while I was pushing but it still didn't want to come out. I usually deliver the placenta within 20 minutes but not this time. The pregnancy was long, the labour was long (for me) and 3rd stage was long. I just think our little gir is laid back and content to let things happen slow and in her own time. Jay ended up holding her (he was a little freaked out about putting his hands in the bloody water as last time it was completely clear). Everyone else left the room and I got up on my knees and pulled the cord and it popped out. Ezaria Faith Johnson was born at 2:43pm. Her placenta came at 3:40. Sonja tied her cord and Jay cut it.

Just Mummy's and Daddy's hands. Love homebirths!

Out of the pool and onto my favourite lounge to snuggle and have her first breastfeed.
Sonja measured her

and weigher her

52cm long and 3.45kgs

showing the kids how the placenta works and where the baby is when it is in the womb

making a placenta print

Ezaria's tree of life

First cuddle with Daddy while I have a well deserved shower!

Bella helping Sonja write down all the stats.

Ezaria Faith Johnson
Born 23rd September 2011

Her birth was such a wonderful experience. If I could do it again I would! These memories will be with me forever.

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  1. Kath, that was amazing to read, you have a gift at explaining the real emotion behind your births. I'm glad I got to read and share your day. Love you xxx Kelly

  2. Such a BEAUTIFUL post Kathy about an incredible birthing experience! I adore that photo of Ezaria with her head poking out of the water in your hands. So sweet!!! Thank you for sharing your birth with us :-)
    Love Lus x

  3. I wrote a comment way earlier but it didnt publish and I only just realized - here it is again :)

    Ezarias labour and birth were such an incredible amazing joyous thing!! I felt SO honoured to witness it! It was an awesome thing to watch you go from a mama pregnant with her 7th child , to a mama delivering and snuggling her much loved bubba. It is so amazing to read your side of the labour and birth and what you were thinking and feeling. Birth truly is such an awesome thing!!Im so glad you had such a beautiful labour and birth with Ezaria Faith!! I love all the photos in this post too and the many sweet moments. What an amazing privilege it is bear children!!! Luv Donna

  4. Wow! Thank you. You have a wonderful family. What a blessing. I love the idea of the placenta print. If I ever have another I am doing that!...Thank you wonderful blog. I send my love.

  5. Lovely, keep sharing your stories of birth, tell as many women as you can the joy of birth with out intervention. Well done you!!

  6. if every baby on earth was born into peace and love~there would be world peace today!! thank you for sharing your peacefull loving birthstory::)

  7. I loved reading your birth story. I would like to do a homebirth when we are ready to have children and reading others experiences I feel is a good way to prepare myself for my first labor. Thanks for sharing your beautiful day!

  8. Hi Kathy!

    This was such a wonderful story! So peaceful and beautiful. I can't believe I will be doing this (again!) in roughly 17wks!

    Much love from The States,

  9. Congratulations on your precious baby. Our 10th baby was born 5 weeks ago and though my story was not the happy homebirth story that I wanted, I'm still so thrilled to be a Mother again.

  10. Hi, Kathy. I've written a book called Meditations for the Childbearing Year. I came across your photo that captured the joy & pain of childbirth and wondered if I might have permission to use it in my book?


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